07. April 2020

The topic of living income for farmers is a focal issue for government, civil society and industry in multiple sectors. This workshop provides opportunities for learning about the concept of living income and the design and implementation of income improvement programs through experiences from sectors such as cocoa, tea, coffee and cotton. This is the first of a series of virtual workshops. 

Workshop Objectives:

  1. Align on key context and concepts on Living income
  2. Share latest developments on strategies, policies and initiatives.
  3. Learn from and support deeper conversation between different sectors
  4. Inspire action through awareness outreach to new relevant stakeholders.
  5. Build effective partnerships across stakeholders


Session 1:  Introduction to Core Concepts, the Living Income Community of Practice and the State of Play of Living Income in Key Sectors

This session provides an introduction to the concept of living income, the Community of Practice and the status of living income efforts. We review the objectives and main work areas of the Living Income CoP in measurement and strategies to close income gaps and provide an overview of key developments in coffee, tea, and cocoa sectors as context. 

Moderated by GIZ (Friederike Martin and Nina Kuppetz)
Panellists: Beate Weiskopf (GISCO/ Alliance for Living Income in Cocoa), Antonie Fountain (VOICE), Ashlee Tuttleman (IDH), Randi Wagener (GIZ), Judith Fraats (IDH), Eberhard Krain (GIZ), Claudius Bredehoft (GIZ)

Pre-reading materials:

​ Session 2: Strategies to Close the Income Gap

In this session, we provide a framework of how to consider the key levers of closing the income gap at the farm, enterprise and supply chain levels. We hear from two partnerships between brands and NGOs to craft and implement strategies to improve farmer incomes towards a living income goal. 

Moderated by Sustainable Food Lab (Stephanie Daniels and Kaitlin Sampson)
Panellists: Cheryl Pinto (Ben & Jerry’s), Carla Veldhuyzen (Fairtrade Int’l), Inge Jacobs (Mars Wrigley), Christian Pennotti (CARE) and Don Seville (Food Lab)

Pre-reading materials:

Session 3: Modelling and Monitoring for a Living Income strategy 

This session look at the linkages between measurement and strategy. We will explore how three different organizations are using measurement and modelling techniques to inform their living income strategies and to track progress. Through discussions with panellists, presentations, and interaction with the audience, we will come to understand why organizations have made certain choices in their measurement approach and how what they are learning in the data is informing their strategic thinking.

Moderated by ISEAL Alliance (Kristin Komives and Adam Romo)
Panellists: Noura Hanna (Rainforest Alliance), Manuel Kiewisch (Mondelez), Leila Scott (IPSOS), Ashley Hartz (IPSOS), Litul Baruah (Laudes Foundation), Lakshmi Poti (Laudes Foundation).

Pre-reading materials: