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The Living Income Community of Practice holds regular webinars and workshops covering topics from measuring actual and living incomes to closing income gaps, with speakers and examples from various disciplines and sectors. Below, you'll find upcoming events highlighted in green, along with recordings and links to resources associated with all past webinars from our series. 

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In-person Workshop Upcoming Cocoa Coffee Strategies for closing the Income Gap

Living Income In-person Workshop

July 2024

Virtual Workshop Past Strategies for closing the Income Gap Understanding Living Income

Ingreso Digno en Latino América Latina: Estrategias, Impacto y Desarrollo

June 2024

Virtual Strategies for closing the Income Gap Cocoa Past Other

Enabling Living Income through Responsible Purchasing Practices

May 2024

Virtual Strategies for closing the Income Gap Other Past

Gender-focused Living Income interventions

April 2024

Virtual Tools & Measurement Understanding Living Income Past

Exploring Living Income: Understanding Living Income, Trends, and Tools

March 2024

Virtual Strategies for closing the Income Gap Past Tea Cocoa Vanilla

Living Income: Insights, evidence and collective action

December 2023


The Cocoa Income Inventory (CII) has been officially launched!

May 2024

The CII is a first step in making available publicly the vast amounts of income data that has been collected in the cocoa sector, as well as learn from the impact of different interventions to improve farmer incomes.

Empowering Cocoa Farming Households in Indonesia

April 2024

Bridging the Living Income Gap of Small-scale Cocoa Producers Through Addressing Systemic Barriers and Tailored Solutions. By Nina Bellini Motovska and Yuca Waarts.

Amsterdam Cocoa Week Highlights

February 2024

By Stephanie Daniels, Senior Program Director, Sustainable Food Lab. Amsterdam Cocoa Week hosted by the World Cocoa Foundation

Navigating the Complex Path to Farmer Prosperity: Insights from the IDH Market Transformation Summit

November 2023

By Mark Birch, Program Director-Sustainable Procurement IDH - IDH Market Transformation Summit in Geneva

Action learning workshop: evidence in living income programmes

June 2023

In May 2023, LICOP with Living Income Thematic Group of Cote d’Ivoire and IDH, brought together experts for a workshop in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, on living income in the West African cocoa sector.

How are chocolate companies doing in boosting cocoa farmers’ incomes?

February 2023

By UWE GNEITING Senior Researcher at Oxfam, based in Accra, Ghana.