The Living income Community of Practice holds regular webinars covering topics from measuring actual and living incomes to closing income gaps, with speakers and examples from various disciplines and sectors. Here you can find recordings and links to resources associated with all past webinars from our series:

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Virtual Cocoa Vanilla Tea Strategies for closing the Income Gap

Living Income: Insights, evidence and collective action

December 2023

Virtual Understanding Living Income Other

Exploring Claims in Living Income: Challenges and Solutions in Producers' Livelihood Improvement Communication

November 2023

Virtual Cocoa Strategies for closing the Income Gap

Cocoa Round Robin: an update on the living income work in the cocoa sector

October 2023


True Price and Living Income

October 2023

To the webinar

Virtual Understanding Living Income

Monetary and Non-Monetary Poverty Measures from a Living Income Perspective

September 2023

Virtual Other

Exploring the impact of the new EU deforestation law on farmer livelihoods

June 2023