22. April 2021

With the advances in the process for a new European Union Due Diligence Law on the Environment and Human Rights, there is growing debate regarding the scope of the human rights component. Given that the European Parliament debates have referenced the links between poverty and social and environmental problems like child labor and deforestation, there will likely be language in the law regarding due diligence processes that companies must undertake to identify poverty in their supply chains.What does this mean for companies sourcing agricultural goods from areas of high poverty? What will the due diligence process entail and how can companies, standards and NGOs support the processes of risk assessment and/or assessing whether and how sourcing practices can address the root cause of poverty and put communities and workers on a pathway to living incomes and living wages? This webinar presents a dialogue on this important topic with the LI CoP, European Commission,  Fairtrade Advocacy Office and the World Cocoa Producers Organization/Ghana Civil Society Cocoa Platform.