02. March 2022

The concept of living income goes a step beyond traditional notions of poverty alleviation that are concerned with basic subsistence and survival. It puts a strong emphasis on the idea of decency and earning enough income to live comfortably. When thinking about income, as opposed to wages, it is important to recognise that the income that a household earns can come from multiple sources. In the case of smallholder farmers for example, income can be earned through off farm business and remittances as well as from crop sales.

A lot of the income research and guidance currently available is primarily agriculture focused. Can it be applied to other sectors as well? In this webinar, we shall hear from Pact and their work to improve the artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) sector and the lives of artisanal miners. We will then have a discussion with Jessica Grillo (Heartwood LLC) on elements to consider when adapting the existing Living Income concept to non-agriculture based sectors.