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LICoP activities are made possible by our many implementing organizations and scaling partners. Thank you to our 2023 fiscal sponsors. If you are interested in supporting the work of LICoP, yyou can learn more about our current goals and activities below and contact livingincome(at)

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2024 Goals & Activities

Tools & Learning for Action

Our focus is to hold the space for Living Income discussion between stakeholder groups and across sectors.

Measurement & Reporting

Our focus is to bring greater clarity on KPIs and Indicators for monitoring progress and Claims and disclosure on company action.

Strategies to Improve Incomes

Our aim is to expand awareness and elevate voices from new geographies and key actors.

Aligned with its core objectives, the Living Income Community of Practice has strategically organized its activities to fulfill the following goals

Increase understanding of living income measurement and the income gap

Bring greater clarity around monitoring, reporting and communicating progress on living income


  • Regular convening of technical experts-Review arising methodological questions on measurement
  • Guidance development- Standardize set of indicators & metrics for understanding and illustrating LI and progress toward LI. 
  • Expand publications & outreach activities- Guiding wider range of practitioners , sectors and actors in measurement activities.
Identify & discuss strategies for closing the income gap

Understand the best strategies for closing the income gap, indicators for monitoring progress and credible corporate claims and disclosure.


  • In-person workshop- Discussing what’s needed for effective LI programmes
  • Cross sector sharing- Sharing of evidence and results on what works via LICOP webinars.
  • Steering conversation- Document good practices for communicating progress (claims) & accountability indicators. 
Share learning and facilitate collaboration across sectors and between actors

Continue growing our LICOP community, connecting with similar organizations and continuing to share learning across sectors and actors.


  • Crowdsourcing Benchmarks
  • Alignment between LI & LW- LW benchmark dataset, strategies for closing income gap
  • Host sector level & topic specific dialogues
  • Update LICOP website- resource repository
  • Quarterly newsletters- LICOP subscribers
  • Explore connections to asset based measures and Living Income