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Can we better manage volatility? – lessons from price management mechanisms in tropical commodities


This session shared a recent overview on tools that are being used at the supply chain and sector levels to better manage volatility and returns to farmers. What tools are being tried? Where have they reduced volatility and improved returns? What are potential unintended consequences? How might they be relevant for the cocoa sector today?

Webinar 12: Fair Price Methodology

In this webinar, Ruud Bronkhorst from the InfoBridge Foundation presents methodology how to calculate ‘fair’ prices for agricultural products originating from smallholders. The focus is on the important role of market prices that prevent the farmer to achieve a Living Income and showing how ‘fair’ prices can be calculated and used, on the basis of grains in Burkina Faso.

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Pricing Mechanisms


A recent study by Aidenvironment.

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