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The Living Income Comunity of Practice in 2019

As we approach the end of 2019, we wanted to take a step back and reflect on our efforts throughout the year. The goal of attaining a living income has become a central piece of conversation and we have made some great strides on the topic of measurement and closing the income gap. The community navigates around three key objectives, rounding off 2019, we would like to celebrate our contribution to these.

Increasing understanding of living income measurement and the income gap...

Through the year, we have published a blog series exploring learnings on calculating a benchmark. We also hosted a webinar on Measuring and Closing the Income Gap in Dominican Republic. Identifying and discussing strategies for closing the income gap...

We have hosted eight webinars, exploring topics such as women’s empowerment to improve income, the issue of competition law in the context of living income, the role of professional farmer groups in delivering living incomes for farmers and the links between living income and coffee sustainability.

LI CoP coordinators support action platforms in various sectors including the Beyond Chocolate Partnership, Living Income Cocoa Alliance and the Coffee Living Income Task Force. Sharing learning and facilitate collaboration between actors...

Apart from providing key updates and resources through newsletters, we have recently launched a Linkedin Group for the community. In August 2019, we carried a survey that informed changes in the website, such as the new resources page.

We have also hosted in-person meetings and refreshed our factsheet. Finally, we have commissioned the design of a series of infographics that aids in the visualisation of the living income concept, measurement as well as the objectives of the community of practice.

Living Income Community of Practice

4,095 website visits | 16,627 page views | 227 new community subscribers

Looking forward to 2020... Many efforts are underway and we are looking forward to continue working with the community to contribute to achieving a decent standard of living for smallholders. We are coordinating twelve new webinars, that will focus on both measurement and strategies for closing the income gap, and we have commissioned new pieces that will explore the measurement of actual income. Following the precedent of the successful Bonn event we are organising a new in person workshop in 2020. Are you planning on attending? Would you be willing to be listed as a sponsor? Would you like to be an advisor or lead on the workshop sessions or the field visit? Contact us and let us know how you would like to contribute!

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