The Global Living Wage Coalition has announced the new Anker Reference Value methodology to measure and improve Living Wages and Living Incomes around the world. It builds on data and knowledge gained from 40 complete Anker methodology benchmark studies (most of which are published on the GLWC website).


Anker Reference Values provide a credible estimate of living wage or income at a country level, for rural and urban areas. They offer an insightful reference beyond the currently available indicators for many countries, which are mostly limited to poverty lines and minimum wages. 

Anker Reference Values can be estimated more quickly than full-fledged Anker benchmarks. With this new, globally scalable and efficient methodology, members of the Coalition, companies, trade unions, and other stakeholders will be able to understand wage and income gaps to decency for many more countries and start working to reduce them. Reference values enable risk assessments and prioritization on a global scale. Full Anker benchmark studies remain our Gold Standard for highly localized measurement of Living Wage and Living Income.

Learn more about the methodology here. Click below to access the Living Income reference values for rural Burkina Faso, Tanzania and Rwanda. 

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