Living income workshop - April 2020

The Living Income Community of Practice will host our next in person workshop with the aim of facilitating conversation and driving for greater action and impact for farmer livelihoods.


The workshop is open to all entities committed to learning on the topic and improving their own efforts towards delivering a decent standard of living.

The proposed location for the workshop is Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire given the dynamism of the cocoa and coffee sectors on this topic, and the content will cover all agricultural sectors. The workshop will be in April 2020 and will focus on issues around measurement, strategies to close the income gap and aligning private and public efforts to achieve greater impact.


Download the workshop one pager below: 

























We need your feedback as we develop the agenda!


Please get in touch with us emailing us here: 

Event one pager (English)
Event one pager (French)
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