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The Living Income Community of Practice provides key updates and resources through newsletters that are sent to those subscribed to our mailing list. 


Workshops are open to all entities and commodities committed to learning and improving their own efforts towards delivering a decent standard of living. While each commodity has its own characteristics that affect the way the issue of Living Income is framed, these workshops focus on the common building blocks such as using living income benchmarks, approaches to measuring incomes and evaluating the effectiveness of strategies.


This series of webinars will explore specific strategies or methodologies, explore new advancements or analyse new initiatives in detail. 

What is the latest in living income? What are the key questions being asked in this space? How are actors responding to those? This new series of webinars will bring you, from expert voices, the State of Play of living income.


Events calendar 2021


We look forward to engaging with you in 2021. Find below a timeline of our public outreach and engagement opportunities for this year. Registrations for events will open at the start of each quarter. 

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