September 2020

Webinar | Living Income Community of Practice Webinar: How to build a living income roadmap: Integrating living income into your business [22th September 2-3.30 pm BST]

Are you looking to integrate living income into your company activities? Are you new to the concept and struggle to navigate challenges to progress in this area? This webinar is targeted at companies currently working on addressing the economic viability of small producers in their supply chain through improving sourcing practices or implementing sustainability programmes. This session is designed to create a space for companies to share experiences, discuss structural challenges faced, ask questions on areas that still remain unclear and learn from tools and guidances available.


October 2020

Webinar | What do we know about the impacts of market-based sustainability tools on farmer livelihoods? [1st October 3.30-4.30 pm BST]

There is now a critical mas of empirical evidence to help understand the impacts of market-based sustainability tools on farmer incomes and livelihoods. This webinar will be an opportunity to explore this evidence base creatively and analytically through the Evidensia platform ( to support research, policy and practice on living income work. We will explore the existing evidence base across sectors, geographies and key topics and tools of interest. It will help develop a common knowledge base on what we know, what we don’t know and where there are critical knowledge gaps in our understanding of impacts on farmer livelihoods. We will have the time to review what the evidence base says on key topics and connect this to work in the living income community of practice.


Webinar | Partie I: Démystifier le concept de revenu vital: De quoi il s'agit et comment il peut promouvoir votre travail | Part I: Demystifying the living income concept: What it is about and how it can promote your work [7th October 2.30-4.00 pm BST]

The topic of living income increasingly is a focal issue for government, civil society and industry in multiple sectors as it offers practical instruments for increasing farm incomes from a value chain perspective. This e-seminar series builds on practical experiences from sectors such as cocoa to learn about the concept of living income and the design and implementation of income-promoting strategies. The first webinar will focus on learning and discussing about the living income idea and concept and its added value for income promoting programs. We will also have room for questions and answers in order to demystify and explain the living income concept. This webinar will be in French.


Webinar | Gender-differentiated strategies to close the living income gap for smallholder coffee producers in Ethiopia [13th October 1.30 - 3.00 pm BST] 

This webinar addresses the topic of strategies to close the living income gap. The case of Ethiopian smallholder coffee farmers and value chain will be presented. In addition, gender-sensitive strategies to close the living income gap will be discussed based on the experienced opportunities and challenges of an example project in South Western highlands.


Webinar | Exploring options for measurement and analysis of living income levels and income gaps: a case study of Madhya Pradesh cotton farmers [15th October 12.30 - 2.00 pm BST] 

Actual income measurement to estimate living income gaps is still a challenging exercise due to its complexity and contextual nature. ISEAL has worked for the last months on a pilot study to assess the living income gap for target cotton households from Madhya Pradesh. Through the process, great learnings have been drawn on how to conceptualise and execute living income gap frameworks. In parallel, The Living Income Community of Practice (LICoP) has recently published guidance on calculating and visualizing the income gap to a Living Income Benchmark. Results from the study have being subject of testing of the guidance being developed and have given interesting results and learnings that will be presented during the webinar. 



Webinar | Living income and SS -  Implementing living income requirements in standard systems [22nd October 2.30 - 3.30 pm BST] 

The Living Income Community of Practice is committed to work with the standard systems community to explore how they can play a bigger role in measuring and strategizing for closing the income gap. After two successful webinars in February and May, that introduced the concept and explored main challenges, this webinar will focus on how standard systems are implementing living income requirements and what challenges still exist. 


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