Upcoming engagement opportunities

November 2021

Living income webinar: An approach for aligning smallholder household incomes measurement | Nov 24, 2021 14:00 GMT 

Measurement of smallholder incomes and the living income gap is key to understanding and taking action to improve livelihoods. However, smallholder incomes can be multifaceted and complex, and for many reasons, it is unlikely that any two measurement approaches will be the same. Recognising that it is difficult for a single actor to shift incomes in dynamic smallholder environments; alignment around measurement can open opportunities for partnerships and collaboration to scale up interventions.

This webinar aims to support users identify an approach to understand how to approach measuring smallholder household incomes and the living income gap. Some critical elements we shall aim to address are:

•How do you measure household income when working towards a living income?

•How do you approach calculating the living income gap?

•What to do if data is missing or absent?

Join us to strengthen your knowledge to be more strategic and effective in your approach.

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Living Income webinar: Farmer Income Lab Shared Accountability Framework | Nov 30, 2021 14:00 GMT

The Farmer Income Lab, founded by Mars Incorporated, is a collaborative think-do-tank, to build resilient global supply chains that work for farmers and for business.

In this webinar, the Farmer Income Lab will be sharing its approach to accelerate innovation and action across global supply chains to support poverty reduction and create resilient supply chains.

The Farmer Income Lab’s objective is to identify and test optimal ways to
drive meaningful improvements in smallholder farmer incomes. In order to deliver collective impact, the Lab has developed a shared accountability and shared investment for shared impact framework. The framework is a set of shared measurement tools that assess impact throughout the supply chain- from farm-level to MNC.

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