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The Living Income Community of Practice counts with several examples that showcase how collaboration between actors creates powerful synergies when designing and implementing strategies to improve farmers’ incomes. 


Living Income Benchmarks in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire

The Living Income Community of Practice, along with a number of funding partners representing various stakeholder groups, has commissioned two Living Income studies to produce benchmarks for the cocoa growing regions of both Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire. Collaboration is key in their conceptualization, design and implementation to motivate action and effective income improvement motivation.


The Global Living Wage Coalition (GLWC)

ISEAL Alliance and Richard Anker and Martha Anker in partnership with Fairtrade International, FSC, Goodweave, Rainforest Alliance and Social Accountability International have come together to form a Coalition with the mission to see continuous improvements in workers’ wages in the farms, factories, and supply chains. The GLWC have produced living wage benchmarks for regions across the globe.


Malawi 2020: Revitalisation towards living income

The Malawi 2020 Revitalisation Programme aims to support the delivery of a competitive and profitable Malawian tea industry underpinned, fairly paid and decent living farmers. The partnership brings together a coalition of stakeholders from across the entire tea value chain, including Malawian tea producers, trade unions, international tea buyers, NGOs, and donors.

Living Income Activity Dashboard


This document provides information to help you and your organisation make connections for working on the topic of Living Income, whether you’re looking for partnerships, collaboration opportunities or support.


It is for people to promote activities, needs and services they can provide or need help with on the topic. If your initiative, activity or service is not listed here and you would like to be added please send the appropriate information to

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