World Cocoa Foundation - The Long-term Net Income of Cocoa Producing Households is What Really Matte

A lot of discussion on increasing cocoa farmer income focuses on higher yield and higher prices and/or premiums. It could be argued however that these discussions and solutions are too limited, and some shifts in thinking are needed to achieve long-lasting change. The blog below, written on behalf of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF), explores a more holistic and comprehensive approach to leveraging cocoa smallholder incomes through sustainable intensification of cocoa cultivation. Click here to access the full blog on the WCF website

Learning from benchmarking Living Income: 3.1 Calculating the cost of decent food

In 2018, the Living Income Community of Practice (LI CoP) embarked on a new adventure – applying the Anker Living Wage Methodology to estimate living income for cocoa farmers in Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana. This blog is part of a series reflecting on this experience and what we as a community have learned both about the methodology and about the value of living income benchmarks themselves. This podcast on the 'cost of decent food' is the first of three that explore the lessons from the calculation component of the benchmarking process. In it we interview researcher Sally Smith who led the Ghana benchmark calculation work. The two living income benchmark studies were presented to stakeholders i

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